Wardrobe Rebrand Manager

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Make your wardrobe an extension of your personal brand

Your clothing choices are a powerful form of self-expression. When your wardrobe aligns with your personal brand, you communicate who you are without saying a word.

This template is designed to make shopping a natural part of your monthly life, turning it into an intentional, budget-sustainable experience instead of a stressful, luck-dependent event. The most challenging aspect isn't the creative styling itself — it's the process of getting organized.

Watch a video below to learn what's inside and if it's a good fit for your goals:

What's inside:

  • Style Strategy: Define your personal style by reflecting on your brand and setting your personal North Star outfits. No long assessments, all straight to the point.
  • Wishlist board: Visualize and prioritize your clothing look aspirations, turning them into your guide for the next shopping session.
  • Closet Inventory: Digitally catalog your clothing, shoes, and accessories for a clutter-free wardrobe. Identify items you no longer need, setting them for sale or donation.
  • Shopping Planner: Strategically plan your shopping sessions by setting specific dates and goals, collect your favourite brands and body measures in one place for quicker access.
  • Wardrobe Budget: Manage your expenses wisely, by setting a monthly budget that is flexible and rush-free. If you spend only $50 instead of planned $100, the template takes it into account, allowing an expense of $150 during the next month.


  • Can I use this with the free Notion account?
    Yes, you can use the free Notion personal account. You can sign up to Notion here.
  • Is this a personalized style guide?
    This isn't a style guide that defines your look for you. I'm not a stylist, so I can't make personalized recommendations. However, this template shares steps I've used in the past for myself. Inside, you'll find a step-by-step wardrobe framework, serving as a starting point for your own journey toward refining your personal style.
  • I'm happy with my style. Would I still benefit from this template?
    Yes, you can use this template to maintain your style, manage your wardrobe budget, or as a source of inspiration for your future purchases.
  • Can I use this template for daily outfit planning?
    The primary purpose of the template is not focused on daily outfit planning. You can customize it to incorporate elements for daily outfit planning if that's what you're looking for.
  • Is this gender-specific?
    No, it is completely gender-neutral. I used imagery to reflect my personal goals, but you can easily replace those.

Designed by Tina. You may also follow me on Twitter, Linkedin or Medium.

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Wardrobe Rebrand Manager

8 ratings
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